My home is a live-work space that was built in the 40's to house a printing company. When I drove past it the first time it was love at first sight - a large building (I originally thought it might have been an old YMCA) with a Southwest feel. It had only been owned by 2 owners and needed quite a bit of work but I had to have it. It has lots of light, cement walls, high ceilings and land that I can grow things on but it is also very close to Dallas.I've now owned "The Home Idea Factory" for four years and have accomplished some of the major remodeling projects that I wanted to do - a new kitchen and bath. Before I could start on those projects I had to rewire and plumb the home which lead to the bathroom being in the only area that had plumbing to it when I bought it - the kitchen. Finally, I have a real kitchen and a real bathroom! Thanks to the miracles of IKEA, there is hope that for the first time in years I can be organized. I'm also realizing that I am a creature of habit. When you move to a new home you don't have the history of where you "expect" something to be - when you remodel, you are used to going to the same spot for something for a number of years. I'm still going to the old spot where the refridgerator was even though it's now across the room, but it's a small price to pay for having my new, organized kitchen and bath.

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